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10Jan 2014
CTP-1K three phase sine wave inverter

The CTP 1K series of rugged modular dc-ac inverter systems employ microprocessor controlled technology to deliver 3-Phase 1000VA continuous output power with pure sine wave output voltage. New design topology simplifies the circuitry and enables compact construction, low weight, low cost and high MTBF. The chassis mounted units have a footprint of only 127 x 191 x 345 mm.

10Jun 2013
300VA pure sine wave inverter

ABSOPULSE Electronics has released the CSI 280-F3 Series of ultra-compact, high-performance dc/ac sine wave inverters. The units introduce new semiconductor technology and a unique design topology that simplifies the circuitry and enables significantly more compact construction, lower weight and cost, and higher MTBF than previous 300VA inverter designs. The total footprint of each unit is 132 x 64 x 300 mm.