Industrial Power Supply Solutions

Industrial Quality DC-DC Converters, AC-DC Power Supplies, DC-AC Sinewave Inverters, AC-AC Phase & Frequency Converters

We offer an extensive range of heavy-duty industrial quality switching power supply solutions. Since the company’s inception 40 years ago, we have designed and manufactured several thousand different types of industrial power supplies at our custom built facility in Canada. A few examples are highlighted in the generic data sheet sections of this website.

Industrial power supply product line

Typical industrial applications

Our power conversion solutions are installed in every conceivable application in industrial installations around the world. Application environments include:

  • Industrial automation;
  • Materials handling;
  • Robotics;
  • Utilities;
  • Power generation & distribution;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Transportation;
  • Airborne;
  • Marine;
  • Defense;
  • Medical (not patient connected).

Rugged reliability in harsh industrial environments 

Our rugged designs incorporate large design headroom, optimal thermal performance, high efficiency and low noise. This ensures a long operating life with minimum maintenance under exacting field conditions, and contributes to low product life-cycle costs.

Further information on the stringent manufacturing standards and processes we employ and our custom design capabilities.

Industrial standard compliance

ABSOPULSE power supplies are designed to meet industrial safety standards including various EN, UL, CSA, IEC standards.

Data sheets for each generic design on this website include the standards that the particular power supply is designed to meet. If your application requires compliance with a standard that is not included on a particular data sheet, please let us know.

To ensure that our customers can ship their end-products world-wide, formal in-house certification is available for CSA, UL and other required approvals.

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