IP66-Rated Power Supply Solutions

IP66-rated power supply solutions.
Waterproof, dust-proof, convection cooled.
Rugged industrial and railway quality.

For your applications that require a rugged, waterproof, dust-proof, sand-proof, oil-proof power conversion solutions, we offer a broad range of power supplies in IP66-rated enclosures. Our IP66-rated solutions are ideal for operation in heavy industry, railway, power generation and distribution, telecom, marine, mining, military, and other severe environments.

These IP66-rated power supply solutions are available with output power ratings between 30W and 1kVA. Our engineering team works on new designs every day and is constantly adding to the range of products that we can offer you.

Whether you need an AC-DC power supply, battery charger, DC-DC converter or DC-AC pure sine wave inverter with high IP-rated protection, chances are that we have a design that can be adapted to meet your requirements. If not, we will design and build one that does. We would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Any DC or AC input – 30W and 1kW

  • DC-DC Power converters;
  • AC-DC Power supplies;
  • DC-AC Sine wave inverters;
  • AC-AC Frequency converters;

IP66-rated Power Supply Key features:

  • IP66-rated – ensures protection from the ingress of water, fog, dust, sand, oil, salt, insects and other environmental contaminants;
  • Die cast aluminum packages – robust, durable;
  • I/O connectors: sealed cable glands or custom;
  • Cooling by conduction and natural convection;
  • Application-specific vents for pressure equalization – ensure that pressure inside the enclosures is equalized, strain on connectors is minimized and the environmental seal remains impermeable;
  • Internal boards are conformal coated for increased protection from condensation;
  • Ruggedizing of internal boards for immunity to shock and vibration;
  • Full or partial encapsulation of internal modules with thermally conductive MIL-grade silicon rubber compound if protection from effects of very high levels of shock and vibration are required (option);
  • A broad range of options and featurs are available — these depend on specific design and your application requirements.

Our IP66-rated power supply designs and chassis sizes are carefully selected to ensure that they meet the demands of your application. Talk to us.   

Here are a few examples of our IP66-rated power conversion solutions:    

ABSOPULSE Size D0 – up to 100W


ABSOPULSE Size D1 – up to 250W

ABSOPULSE Size D2 – 150W/200W/400W

ABSOPULSE Size D3 – 300W/400W/500W


    • Any ABSOPULSE DC or AC input power supplies with power ratings up to 500W;
    • Examples: BAP 319-D4, BAP 319R-D4, DCW 500-D4, PFC 319-D4, and RWY 500-D4, and many others;
    • Dimensions: 230 x 113 x 448 mm (overall dimensions including baseplate).
    • D4 package: connector options, drawings and other specs

ABSOPULSE Size 2xD3 up to 1kVA, depending on input/output

  • Depending on your input/output configuration requirements, a configuration of two, IP66 rated diecast aluminum enclosures mounted on a base plate can provide up to 1kW output power;
  • Examples: CSI 500-2xD3, BAP 1K-2xD3, CSI 1K-125/230V-2xD3, etc.
  • Dimensions: 406 x 320 x 94mm (16 x 13.44” x 3.7”) – baseplate is 16” x 14”.

ABSOPULSE Size 3xD3 up to 1kVA, depending on input/output

  • Depending on input/output requirements, a configuration of three, IP66-rated diecast aluminum enclosures mounted on a base plate can provide up to 1kW;
  • Examples: CSI 1K-24/230V-3xD3 etc.;
  • Dimensions: 406 x 526 x 94mm (16” x 20.7” x 3.7”) – baseplate is 16” x 21”.

Designs in other high IP-rated enclosures

We also offer a broad range of power solutions which with differing levels of IP-rated protection, depending on the demands of your application.

The HVI 3KP-V9 (IP54), for instance, was developed for harsh industrial environments characterized by high levels of dust, metallic dust and water spray.


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