AC-DC Power Supplies & Battery Chargers

AC-DC Power Supplies & Battery Chargers

Rugged Switching AC-DC Power Supplies, Rectifiers & Battery Chargers

ABSOPULSE offers a broad range of rugged, high-performance AC-DC switching power supplies, rectifiers & battery chargers. Any AC to DC input/output configuration requirements, with power ratings from a few watts to several kilowatts, can be accommodated.

Our AC-DC switching power supplies use high frequency power conversion topology and optimized magnetics to ensure reliability, efficiency and compact size. In addition, large design headroom, the exclusive use of qualified-in components, compliance with application-specific safety and emissions standards, and enclosure in robust mechanical packaging contribute to the long-term reliability of our power supplies.

Today, our field-proven power supplies solutions operate reliably in industrial, railway, power utilities, military, marine, telecom and other harsh environments.

AC-DC switching power supply & battery charger specifications include:

  • Universal AC-inputs, 115/230Vac inputs, 47 – 440Hz or custom;
  • PFC (Power Factor Corrected) input for EN 61000-3-2 harmonics compliance;
  • Single or three-phase inputs;
  • DC Outputs: 12Vdc to 250Vdc or custom;
  • Output power from a few Watts to 30kW;
  • Single or multiple outputs;
  • N + 1 redundancy and parallel operation;
  • EMI filtering to meet required standards;
  • Conformal coating or encapsulation options;
  • Wide operating temperature ranges;
  • IEC 61373 shock and vibration standards;
  • EN60950-1 and corresponding UL and CSA electrical safety standards;
  • RoHS compliance;

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