Opto-less, Wide Input Range DC-DC Converter Extends Operating Life to 30 Years (DHR 150)

The DHR 150-24 is the latest addition to ABSOPULSE′s line of wide input range, long-life, power conversion products developed for rugged industrial environments.

The DC-DC converter is designed for an operating life of up to 30 years. By eliminating optocouplers in the feedback loop and significantly reducing the component count, the MTBF of the unit is greatly improved over conventional designs. Large design headroom, full electronic protection and 5000Vdc input to output isolation also contribute to the long operating life of the unit.

All heat generating components are installed on aluminum heat-sink blocks which are cooled via baseplate to a heat-sinking surface and by natural convection. DHR 150-24 delivers the full 150W continuous output power over an extended temperature range from 0°C to +70°C, without derating. Conformal coating provides additional environmental protection. The unit has a total footprint of just 114 x 51 x 201 mm (4.5” x 2” x 7.9”).

The DHR 150-24 converter delivers 24Vdc ± 0.3V and accepts any single dc-input in the following ranges: 20 to 60V, 43 to 101V, 60 to 154V or 90 to 360Vdc. Custom input and output voltages are available on request. Hold up time is a 20ms at 150Vdc and higher input voltage. Regulation is better than 1.5% from no load to full load across all line and load conditions. Efficiency is over 85% at full load at 24V output.

The unit is filtered to meet EN55022 Class B conducted and radiated requirements, which minimizes interference in the operation of other electronic equipment. It complies with EN/IEC60950-1 and corresponding UL and CSA industrial safety standards.

ABSOPULSE Electronics is an OEM of an extensive range of heavy-duty dc-dc converters designed and bulit to withstand harsh environments. The company’s converters can be customized to meet specific application requirements. We also offer complete custom solutions.

Key Specifications

  • Long life, high reliability – no optocouplers, low component count, large headroom
  • Input to output isolation: 5000Vdc
  • Wide dc-input range options: 20-60V, 43-101V, 60-154V, 90-360V or custom
  • Output: 12V, 24V, 48V or 125Vdc at150W continuous or custom
  • Excellent EMI performance – EN55022 Class B
  • 0°C to +70°C operating temperature range – full specification
  • Hold up time: minimum 20ms at 150Vdc and higher
  • Line/load regulation: 1.5% combined from no load to full load
  • Conduction and convection cooled (no fans)
  • Heavy ruggedizing
  • Conformal coating
  • Comprehensive electronic protection
  • Meets the requirements for CE marking
  • F1 Chassis: 114 x 51 x 201 mm (4.5” x 2” x 7.9”) including terminals and flanges
  • Customized versions available


Generic Specifications (DHR 150-F1T Data sheet)


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