PFC-419F-5K-4U19 power system and PFC-419F‐EH plug-in modules

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5kW, Rack-mount AC-DC power system with 1kW, PFC-input, hot-swap plug-in modules


Fully loaded PFC-419F-5K-4U19 system with 1kW plug-in modules delivers 5kW or 4kW with N+1 redundancy.

The PFC-419F-5K-4U19 Series is a 5kW, rack-mount AC-DC power system with PFC input. The system is constructed with up to five 1kW plug-in power supply modules assembled in a 4U x 19” x 15” card-frame. Each 4U x 16HP x 304 mm plug-in module has a built-in redundancy diode for parallel connection or N+1 redundant operation, including hot-insertion/hot-swap. The redundancy diode also allows for a battery to be connected to the output for back-up purposes. The fully loaded PFC-419F-5K-4U19 system delivers a maximum of 5kW or 4kW with N+1 redundancy.

Each plug-in module employs a power factor corrected input and a following half-bridge stage to convert the universal ac-input voltage (95-264Vac) to 24Vdc, 48Vdc, 110Vdc or 125Vdc. Custom input/output voltages are available. The modules include a module fail alarm with optocoupler output, summarized into a single Form C alarm on the shelf motherboard. The front panel of every module includes an output ON LED indicator. Test points for monitoring output voltage and voltage adjustment potentiometers are available as options.

The plug-in modules comply with EN/UL60950 and equivalent industrial safety standards and the EN61000-3-2 directive for low input harmonic distortion. They are filtered to meet EN55032, Class A EMI standards with large margins. Efficiency at full load is typically 80%. Protection features include 4300Vdc input to output isolation, output current limiting with short-circuit protection and thermal shutdown with self-resetting. Cooling is by two high quality built-in fans on each plug-in module.

PFC-419F‐EH plug-in modules

1kW, 4U x 16HP x 304 mm plug- in power module (PFC-419F‐EH)

ABSOPULSE Electronics is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of an extensive range of railway and industrial grade power systems with plug-in modules.  We specialize in fully custom solutions. All of our existing designs can also be modified to meet customer application requirements.

Key Specifications

  • Up to 5000W output power per 19” shelf;
  • Electronic power factor correction (PFC);
  • Up to 1000W per plug ‐ in module
  • Hot-insertable, N+1 redundant
  • Input: 95-264Vac (Universal) 47… 63Hz per plug-in module;
  • Output: 24Vdc/41A, 48Vdc/20A, 110V/9A or 125V/8A per module;
  • Other I/O values available according to customer requirements;
  • Cooling: Each plug-in module has two high quality built in fans;
  • 0°C to +50°C operating temperature range for full specification;
  • EMI: EN55022 Class A with wide margins;
  • Form C Module fail alarm on the shelf;
  • Shelf: 4U x 19” x 15”;
  • Plug-in modules: 4U x 16HP x 304mm;

Generic Data sheet – PFC 419F-5K-4U19 Series

Generic Data sheet – PFC 419F-EH Series plug-in module

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