VFC 500 Series AC-AC Frequency Converter - Variable AC Power Source

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AC-AC Frequency Converter delivers 500VA Sine Wave Output

AC-AC Frequency Converter (Variable AC Power source) offers adjustable output frequency and voltage in industrial, engineering, academic and laboratory applications

500VA Variable AC Power Source with Sine Wave Output

500VA AC-AC Frequency Converter (Variable AC Power Source) with Sine Wave Output.  Push buttons on the front-panel allow for precise, quick voltage and frequency adjustment; additional controls allow for frequency selection at 50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz or 400Hz.
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The VFC 500 AC-AC frequency converter (variable AC power source) offers an adjustable output of 0 … 264Vrms, maximum current 4Arms and maximum power of 500VA. Output frequency is adjustable from 40 … 440Hz. “Hot” push buttons on the front-panel allow for precise voltage and frequency adjustment; four additional controls allow for frequency selection at 50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz or 400Hz.

The VFC 500 is suitable for use in a diverse range of industrial, engineering, academic and laboratory applications including the simulation of voltage and frequency deviations for equipment under development, quality control, safety approval, testing and verifying operation of electrical equipment for export markets. The unit can also be used as a compact AC frequency converter.

The VFC 500 frequency converter utilizes PWM technology to synthesize a precision regulated sinusoidal output with less than 5% total harmonic distortion at full load and a frequency stability of ± 0.1%. The output is fully isolated from the input and may either be used in floating mode or in grounded neutral operation.

The AC-AC unit accepts inputs of 95-264VAC at 47Hz to 410Hz, with power factor correction. The power factor is better than 0.97 at full load for the entire input range and complies with the EN61000-3-2 directive for low input harmonic distortion.

The VFC 500 is designed to meet international safety approvals including C22.2 No. 107.1 – 01, UL458 and EN60950-1. Heavy filtering on the input and output contributes to low noise and ensures that the inverters can be used in EMI sensitive environments without additional filtering. The input meets EN55032 Class A with wide margins.

The AC-AC frequency converter (power source) is fan-cooled and rated for operation over a 0°C to 50°C temperature range.

Housed in a 185 x 141 x 356 mm (7.3” x 5.54” x 14”) enclosed case, the unit weighs just over 4kg (9lbs).

We offer a range of variable AC power sources including the VFC 1K, a 1kVA version of this design. Let us know if you require a variable AC-power source that is not listed on our website and we would be pleased to provide you with a quotation and custom data sheet.   

ABSOPULSE Electronics is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of an extensive range of railway and industrial quality power conversion solutions. We specialize in fully custom solutions. All of our existing designs can also be modified to meet customer application requirements.

Key Specifications

  • 500VA industrial quality AC-AC frequency converter (variable output AC power source);
  • Sinusoidal output voltage;
  • Adjustable output voltage: 0 … 264Vrms range, max current 4Arms;
  • Adjustable output frequency: 40 … 440Hz in one band with 1Hz step;
  • Digital meters for output voltage and frequency;
  • Variable output voltage and frequency;
  • Frequency Up/down buttons and pre-select buttons;
  • Voltage Up/down buttons:;
  • Input: universal 95-264Vac operating range;
  • Active power factor correction (PFC) meets EN61000-3-2;
  • Conformal coated internal boards;
  • 0°C to +50°C operating temperature range for full specification;
  • Chassis: 185 x 141 x 356 mm (7.3” x 5.54” x 14”) enclosed case.

Data sheet – VFC 500 (Industrial)

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