High input voltage, rugged DC-DC converters suit industrial, railway and solar applications


The HVI-50-F2 series of converters target applications that require a rugged, high input voltage DC-DC power conversion solution. They are suitable for operation in heavy-duty industrial environments and can also be adapted for railway and solar applications.

The 50W converters accept a nominal input voltage of 900Vdc, with a 600Vdc to 1200Vdc input range. To ensure high reliability and long operating life, all critical components on the primary side are designed and tested for corona inception levels that are significantly higher than the operating voltages. The design is verified for 5600Vdc input to output isolation, and production level testing is the 4300Vdc I/O isolation.

Standard outputs include 12Vdc, 24Vdc and 48Vdc, with custom voltages available on request. A built-in redundancy diode which allows for N+1 redundancy is available on request.

The units are filtered on the input and output and meet EN55022 Class A with margins. The converters are designed to meet IEC61010-1 and related standards.

The compact HVI-50-F2 units measure 114 x 58 x 256 mm. They are ruggedized to ensure immunity to shock and vibration (IEC 61373 Cat 1 A&B). Heavy ruggedizing is available for operation in extreme environments. The internal boards are conformal coated for protection from moisture, humidity and airborne contaminants. Cooling by conduction via baseplate and by natural convection through the cooling slots enables operation over a 0°C to +50°C temperature range without the need for derating.

If this design doesn’t meet your needs exactly, we will design and build one that does. Please contact us to discuss your application requirements.

Key Specifications

  • 50W, industrial quality converter;
  • Also suitable for railway and solar applications;
  • High input voltage: 900Vdc nominal (600V-1200V operating range);
  • Output: 12V, 24V or 48Vdc or custom;
  • Built-in redundancy diode for N+1 (optional);
  • 4300Vdc input to output protection;
  • Verified for 5600Vdc input to output isolation;
  • EMI: EN55022 Class A with margins;
  • Cooling: conduction and natural convection;
  • Heavy ruggedizing as option;
  • Compact F2 package: 114 x 58 x 256 mm – W x H x D.


Generic Data sheet – HVI-50-F2


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