Railway Solutions

31Aug 2016
250W, Dual Output Encapsulated RIA12 Railway converters with 3.5xVn surge withstand capacity

The RWR 252 series of fully encapsulated, dual output, railway quality dc-dc converters deliver up to 250W. With an input surge withstand capability of 3.5Vn for 20msec., the converters meet RIA12, the general specification for the protection of traction and rolling stock equipment from transients and surges in DC control systems.

09May 2016
BHT-319R-F4 high temperature dc-dc

The BHT 319R-F4 Railway series and BHT 319-F4 Industrial series of DC-DC converters are designed for an operational life of over 30 years at high operating temperatures. Cooled by conduction and natural convection, the units deliver 300W continuous output power over a -40°C to +85°C temperature range without the need for derating.

13Dec 2015
railway dc-dc converter convection cooled 1kW

This series of rugged DC-DC converters is designed for an operating life of up to 20 years in railway environments. This design eliminates optocouplers in the feedback loop, which contributes to an MTBF of over 175,000 hours at 45°C. Very low component count, large design headroom, and full electronic protection also contribute to the long operating life of the units.

10Sep 2014

ABSOPULSE Electronics BCP 130-PEL heavy-duty switch-mode battery charger was designed for charging an external 100Ah/12V (10, cell) Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery in railway and industrial environments. Housed in a splash-proof Pelican top loader case with a sturdy handle, this charger is well suited to applications where ruggedness, easy portability and manual initiation of a charge cycle are key requirements.

10Jul 2014
RSI-300-IP66 railway dc-ac sine-wave inverter train

ABSOPULSE Electronics has recently released the RSI 300-D3 IP66 series of railway quality DC-AC inverters. The units are packaged in IP66 waterproof diecast aluminum enclosures with sealed circular connectors. The internal inverter unit is heavily ruggedized for protection from shock and vibration. The converters are also protected from the ingress of sand, oil, salt, fog, insects and other environmental contaminants.

10Jun 2014
DCR-150R-RIA12 railway dc-dc converter EN50155 train

The DCR 100R and DCR 150R are recent additions to ABSOPULSE Electronics′ line of rugged, railway quality dc-dc converters. They meet the requirements of EN50155 for electronic equipment used on railway rolling stock. In addition, with an input voltage surge withstand capability of 385Vdc for >1 minute (3.5Vn for 20msec min.), they comfortably meet RIA12, which is the general specification for the protection of traction and rolling stock equipment from transients and surges in DC control systems.