29Oct 2021
250W, IP66-Rated, Rugged Railway Quality DC-DC Converter with built in RIA12 Protection- image of converter and red train in background

This BAR 250R-D3 series of IP66-rated, railway DC-DC converters have an input voltage surge withstand capability of 3.5Vn for 20msec, the converters meet RIA12, the specification for the protection of traction and rolling stock equipment from transients and surges in DC control systems.

30Jul 2021
Fully encapsulated DC-DC Converter with Convection Cooling by Heatsink assembly fins attached to under surface of chassis

The PDC 250-HSA-P59 series of fully encapsulated DC-DC converters are convection cooled via a heatsink assembly fins. The 250W units are entirely potted with a thermally conductive MIL-grade silicon rubber compound, which provides immunity to shock, vibration, moisture, dust, salt and other contaminants, and ensures heat dissipation throughout the modules.

25Apr 2021
1000VA Convection cooled railway DC-AC inverters for electrical equipment installed on railway rolling stock.

The RSI 1K-HSA-F31 series of railway DC-AC sine wave inverters deliver up to 1000VA with natural air convection – no forced air or attachment to a heatsinking surface is required. The series meets the requirements of EN50155 for electronic equipment used on railway rolling stock.

09Mar 2021

The PFC 319-D4 Series of IP66-rated AC-DC power supplies with active power factor correction (PFC) deliver up to 500W. The units are designed for heavy-duty industrial applications that require protection from the ingress of water from powerful jets, fog, sand, metal dust, dust, oil, insects and other contaminants.

23Nov 2020

The LTH 65R-F3-HSA series of heavy-duty railway DC-DC converters deliver up to 250W with convection cooling. Designed to float charge hold-up batteries that run railway on-board peripheral equipment, the units are also suitable for other transportation and industrial applications.