HTP 3K5-3U4 3-Phase, high voltage input AC-DC power supply

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3-Phase, 480Vac Input AC-DC Power Supplies deliver up to 3500W

Three-phase AC-DC power supplies offer high input voltages with wide input ranges: 400Vac, 3-phase (430-530V). DC-input 500-800V also available.

The HVI 3K5-3U4 ac/dc power supply is designed for applications that require 3-phase, high voltage ac-inputs.

3500W 3-Phase AC-DC Power Supplies offer high input voltages and wide input ranges.

The AC-DC power supply is designed for applications that require 3-phase, high voltage ac-inputs.

The HTP 3K5-3U4 power supplies are suitable for industrial applications including servo drives, factory automation, industrial machinery and equipment.

The 3500W power supply operates from a 480Vac (430-530V) 3-phase line input and deliver any single output voltage between 24V and 600Vdc. A DC-input version which accepts any voltage between 500V and 800Vdc, is also available.

The units are built with heavy-duty internal power modules. A built-in redundancy diode separates the internal modules and also allows for a number of units to be connected in parallel to achieve higher output power, N+1 redundancy. The output redundancy diode also makes the unit suitable for battery charging applications.

To ensure high reliability and long operating life, all critical components on the primary side are designed and tested for corona inception levels significantly higher than the operating voltage. The input and output are filtered for low noise. The input meets EN55032 Class A conducted and radiated requirements with wide margins. The power supplies comply with EN62368-1 and equivalent industrial safety standards. Full electronic protection eliminates the possibility of failure due to abnormal operating conditions, including application errors.

The supplies are ruggedized and all printed circuits are conformal coated, providing immunity to shock, vibration (IEC 61373 Categories 1 A&B) and moisture. Heavy ruggedizing ensures reliable operation under severe environmental conditions. The sturdy enclosure has a total footprint of 132 x 244 x 381 mm. Cooling is by high quality built-in fans.

Example of terminal  configuration for 3-phase, high voltage AC-inputs:                      Input: Terminal block
Output: Terminal block or
threaded studs

ABSOPULSE offers a wide range of AC-DC and DC-DC power converters and AC-AC frequency converters with 3-phase input voltage. These designs can be adapted to meet a broad range of application requirements. We also provide fully-custom solutions with short delivery times and low set-up costs.

Key Specifications

  • Input: 3-phase, 480Vac (430-530V);
  • DC-input in 500V to 800Vdc range available;
  • Output: any voltage between 24V and 600Vdc;
  • 4300Vdc input to output isolation – 5600V type test;
  • Modules separated by built-in redundancy diodes;
  • Parallel connection or N+1 redundancy possible
  • EMI: EN55032 Class A with margins;
  • Complies with EN62368-1 and equivalent;
  • Cooling by high quality built-in fans;
  • Ruggedized and conformal coated printed circuit boards;
  • 80% efficiency at full load depending on input/output configuration;
  • Full electronic protection;
  • 3U4 chassis: 132 x 244 x 381 mm, 5.2″ x 9.6″ x 15″ excludes connectors and mounting brackets

Generic Specifications (Data sheet)

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