Power Systems (Plug-in Eurocard Modules)

Power Systems with Plug-in (Eurocard) Modules

Power Supply Systems with Plug-in Modules.
19″ or 23″ Rack-mount

ABSOPULSE designs and builds robust modular power systems for heavy-duty applications. The building blocks of these power supply systems are hot-pluggable, Eurocard format power supply modules assembled in 19″ or 23″ shelves. Several shelves can be connected in parallel for higher output power.

Our DC-DC converter, AC-DC power supply and DC-AC inverter plug-in modules are configured to meet almost any input/output electrical configuration requirements.

ABSOPULSE’s modular power supply systems power electronic equipment in numerous railway, automotive, industrial automation, production plants, power utilities, mining, marine and telecom applications. We also offer an extensive range of modular supplies for use in engineering and product testing laboratories, and in-the-field.

ABSOPULSE Rugged Rack-mount Power Systems offer:

  • Almost any input/output electrical configuration
  • N+1 redundant operation and hot-swap
  • Multiple outputs
  • Expandability – as power requirements increase, more modules can be added
  • Breakers (AC, battery & load)
  • Fused distribution panels
  • Alarm circuits e.g. Form C module fail alarm
  • Low battery disconnect, battery temperature compensation
  • Meters: digital or analogue for volt and/or current
  • LED indicators
  • Front panel adjustment
  • RoHS compliance

Rather than search for a DC-DC Power Converter to meet your requirements, just send us your specifications and we will recommend the optimal solution for you.

Data Sheets

AC-DC Power System Data Sheets

DC-DC Power System Data Sheets

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